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One of the many stories we've heard of how this trend got started:

Tricia K.: Everybody's talking about sex bracelets these days, like they invented the idea, but I'm the one who made the whole thing up, at that party during our sophomore year. Isn't that right, Jackie?

Jackie M.: That's right. It was during the Greek Week mixer at our college. We were at this frat party and there were the cutest guys...remember that one, Lance, that kept checking you out?

Tricia: Oh my god. He was so hot. I totally wanted to get into his chinos. But I was playing hard to get and just giving him the eye from across the room.

Jackie: A bunch of us had been playing quarters, and there were empty beer cans and stuff all over the living room.

Tricia: I was just sitting on the couch and I picked up one of those plastic ring things from a six-pack that goes around the cans. I was fiddling with it because I was getting nervous with that hot guy scoping me, and I started putting the plastic rings around my wrist like they were bangle bracelets.

Jackie: I remember that. I told you that would be a great look for when we did our "White Trash" party.

Tricia: So anyway, this total god, Lance, comes over and sits next to me on the couch, and I practically died right there. He started to put the moves on me right away, sliding his arm around the back of the sofa and then up to my shoulders. And I was, like, whoa Chester.

Jackie: He was totally trying to mack on you.

Tricia: Well, yeah. And it's not like I didn't want him to. But I wanted to make him work for it a little. So I showed him the plastic rings around my arm and I said that for every one he could break off, I'd give him a kiss.

Jackie: So then he reaches in his pocket and gets out this Swiss Army knife...

Tricia: And I'm like, no way! You have to break them off fair and square. So he starts pulling on one -- I thought he was going to yank my arm off. The plastic got all stretched out, but finally it gave way and the ring broke. So then I kissed him on the cheek.

Jackie: You should have seen the look on his face. Dis-appointed!

Tricia: I guess he thought he was going to get a full-on mack the first time. He asked me if he broke off another, would I kiss him on the lips? I said OK, and he pulled and pulled and snapped another one off my arm. So I gave him a peck on the lips.

Jackie: No tongue.

Tricia: No tongue that time. Anyway, to make a long story short, by the time he had snapped all of the six-pack rings off my wrist, we were in full make-out mode there on the couch.

Jackie: You didn't even make it through that whole six-pack holder.

Tricia: Well, my arm was getting sore.

Jackie:  So then, after that, we got the idea --

Tricia: Who got the idea? I got the idea. I got the idea to use those jelly bracelets instead of six-pack rings.

Jackie: A lot of the girls wore them anyway. We made up different things for what the colors meant, like black meant sex, and blue meant oral sex.

Tricia: It was all just kind of a joke, though, 'cause you could always change the meanings depending on what you wanted to do. Like if you were with a guy and you didn't like him that much, you could just say, "Oh no, purple doesn't mean doggy style; it means holding hands." You could just make it up.

Jackie: We turned it into a pledge thing for our sorority. All the new pledges, we give them an armful of bracelets in all different colors and they have a weekend to get rid of them all. Pretty soon it was all over campus, and even non-Greek girls were doing it.

Tricia: Some of the guys have gotten into wearing them too. It's a lot harder for them to have their sex bracelets broken off, and it's not just because girls are weaker.

Jackie: You know, I'm really the one who had the idea to use the jelly bracelets.

Tricia:  That is so not true, and you know it.

Jackie: Well, you know your hottie, Lance? Last week he snapped off my green bracelet.

Tricia: You lie! Oh my god, you b*tch!


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