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The Great Sex Bracelet Debate:
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Black and Blue

I knew the whole "sex bracelet" idea, but I always though it was if someone gave you one (of any color) and it broke, you have sex with them. Nobody ever paid any attention to them so neither did I. Then I was talking to a friend and they told me their mother said not to wear them because there was a news report on it saying something like "kids wearing bracelets to have casual sex"...honestly people, its stupid. THEY'RE BRACELETS!!! - Atlanta, Georgia

We don't even have sex ed

I wear the sex bracelets.. But I only knew what the black one meant, but I never even realyl wore them for sex. But anywayz, ever since they had that thing on t.v about the bracelets, they have been baned 4rm skool.. No one can wear them at all!!! And it's really stupid.. They claim that it's for our protection so no guyz will try to rape us or anything which is complete bs... Considern that we dont even have sex ed in our skool... so now if you get caught with the bracelets, how many u have on is as many days u have o.s.s..... - Heather, Virginia

Black and Blue

I found out about these so-called sex bracelets. And I can tell you one thing, you don't have to do what these bracelets mean if you don't want to. I have had an experience with them. A guy from the mall came up to me and asked me if I would give him a blow job because I was wearing a blue one. I slapped him in the face.

You Know What Those Mean, Don't You?!?!?

I wear these sex bracelets all the time. I have the black and blue ones. I have girls all the time asking me if they can have my bracelets. And a lot more kind of gasp and say "you know what those mean dont you??!!" I think its kinda funny. I wear them and dont care what they say.

At Our School

The sex bracelets at my school are considered a fad and a game. The high schoolers use them for what they are mainly with their boyfriends or girlfriends. However, since my school is a jr. high as well as a Senior High, the middle schoolers wear them, not having a clue what they actually are. However, I love the sex bracelets and if Middle Schoolers are wearing them so what its a fad to them to copy the high schoolers...

The Really Work

My experience with sex bracelets was very interesting. I was at this club that had just opened up and I meant this guy in their named Tykee and he noticed that I had on a bracelet that they called sex bracelets. So any way the one I had on was the clear one. Let you be reminded that I didn't know what these bracelets meant. Tykee came up to me and told me if I am willing to what he want I wanted him to do then lets go in the back and you give me head. I looked at him like excuse me and he then pointed at the bracelet and ripped it off of my wrist. I looked at him and turned the other direction. But later on that night he told me he was sorry and that he thought that I knew what he was talking about. So we got together a couple of times and that following week I ended up giving him head. My advice to you who don't believe in sex bracelets don't wear them because they do come true. - Jennifer, Deleware

Old news

Okies... you guys have everything wrong. You are blaming college kids. This actually came out around when I was in high school 2 1/2 years ago... lol and the news is just now talking about it... too funny... before the bracelets there were "fuck me tabs" kids used to wear coke tabs on bracelets and gave them out as coupons..

Scaring the folks

I think that this is all bull.  I am in high school and have never heard of this. All my friends and myself included wear these so called "sex bracelets".  Why?... It's just a fad. Just because it has happened before- you shouldn't  worry our parents about this.  My mom like freaked out!  and she has no need to be worried.  I think that you should have gone to more schools before you put this in to people's heads.  I am sure it might even lead people to do it. - Amber, North Carolina

Editor's Note: has always said that sex bracelets are a fad among college students and twentysomethings, even though jelly bracelets are worn by much younger people. It is the media spreading this nonsense about middle schoolers wearing "sex bracelets", not us.


My cousin told me about the sex bracelet thing...  I wear them because I like them, not because of that. I am 19 and my cousin is 14. My grandma asked me if I wear them as sex bracelets... I was like NOOO. I think the whole thing is dumb and stupid and people have been wearing them like that for a while. I have been hearing things about them since I was in middle school  This whole sex bracelet thing is BS. - Krista, Pennsylvania

Material Girl

This all just sounds like the typical, stupid fraternity and sorority stuff. It's actually kinda funny to hear...especially since it sounds like this game was devised by kids born in the 80's.  We called these "Madonna" bracelets in the early 80's..yes,after the singer. She made them famous by wearing them in her music videos...but these were also very popular at the time in NYC clubs. They had no meaning other than something cool to match your fluorescent leggings... - Xina, New York City

Gave it Up

I don't wear these sex bracelets anymore. My reason for this is because I don't guys to know I'm "easy". See I used wear these things but after a while of having guys breaking them I just didn't want to wear these things anymore; guys who broke them said I owed them. Good advice don't let any boys get a hold of them if you are going to wear them. - Leah, Virginia


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